Messaging is the engine that powers your reader revenue program, so we pride ourselves in offering a growing library of new campaigns to engage audiences and power growth, as well as automations that keep you funnel optimized. Here are a few of our latest offerings:

New campaigns

  • Evergreen award campaign: Celebrate your achievements! When you win an award for your reporting, use one of our award campaigns to share the news with your readers.
  • Evergreen reporter introductions: Hiring a new reporter, or want to reintroduce a current reporter to your audience? Use one of our reporter introduction campaigns to engage with your audience.
  • Evergreen story highlight campaign: Share a news story that your organization broke or an investigation you recently completed — and include a membership or donation appeal.
  • Evergreen subscription campaign: Highlight new discounts or trial offers, or promote your subscription and membership options with one of our five evergreen subscription campaigns.

New automations

  • Business journal welcome series: Introducing our new business-specific welcome series! This journey has been created for business journals, focusing on feature highlights and joining the business community.
  • Article limit automation: Send a subscription or membership appeal when a reader has reached their maximum number of articles for the month.
  • Matching donation automation: Matching donations are a great way to further your readers’ financial support! Use our matching donation automation to let your donors know that their employer may match their gift. This can also be included in your new member welcome series.
  • Rate increase campaign: If you’re considering changing your subscription rates, use this automation to let your current paying subscribers know what change is and will it will start.
  • Upcoming renewal messaging: Connect with your members and subscribers before their renewal or expiration date to encourage them to renew at their current or a higher level.

Want to get one of these campaigns or automations loaded into your account? Email or ask your BlueLena Solutions and Strategy Consultant.