It’s time to begin planning for your biggest reader revenue opportunity: end-of-year campaigns that capitalize on the giving season by soliciting support for quality journalism in your coverage area. 

Last year, BlueLena offered a fully-managed campaign called Focus Forward. Comprised of 10 messages delivered over six weeks, we handled every part of creating and sending the campaign for clients who opted in. And the results were indisputable: across the 12 publishers who participated, we saw a 16% lift in recurring revenue and 128% increase in conversions compared to the prior period.

End-of-year campaigns rally around a central theme or goal, and we’re currently brainstorming messaging approaches. Are you interested in joining the planning process, or want to give feedback on last year’s campaign?

At a to-be-scheduled planning meeting in September, we will:

  • Review last year’s results and lessons learned
  • Discuss what new elements you’re looking for in EOY campaigns
  • Consider theme and strategy ideas

If you’re interested in joining the call — and we hope you are! — please complete this Google form and we’ll send out the meeting details as soon as they’re confirmed.