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BlueLena was founded by a team of experienced newsmedia executives to create a sustainable future for independent local media through building and supporting subscription, membership and donation models for long term success.


The transformational opportunities of 1st party data

What will separate successful publishers is your ability to activate the data and drive engagement, monetization and long-term brand loyalty through well-timed and targeted content delivery and messaging. By developing direct relationships with your readers, you gain a competitive advantage through your ability to serve relevant news and information, and to serve as an infomediary that connects readers and businesses in your local markets. And to then be able to demonstrate and validate the effectiveness to your advertisers is an incredibly powerful and unique value proposition. But it starts with cultivating and growing your 1st party audience data.

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Over 175 organizations have chosen our audience management and strategic marketing to accelerate their digital transformation to build a long-term sustainable business model. We invite you to join our community of publishers.

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