ActiveCampaign is the technology powering the BlueLena CXA platform. This month, they announced a series of changes to how open rates will be reported going forward.

The following updates started rolling out on August 9th and are continuing to rollout to all customers over the next few days:

Updated reporting to show all email opens, including Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) opens.

This will increase open rates immediately for all email open activities that occur following this update. 

Reporting will now include all opens from Apple mail clients whether it is an actual open or one detected via the MPP feature. 

MPP opens will be excluded from triggering an automation and defining segments. 

For contacts that have MPP enabled and open your email from their Apple Mail app, they will not be added to any automations that use the “Opens/reads email” trigger. 

If a contact using the Apple Mail app with MPP enabled clicks a link in your email, ActiveCampaign will track that link click and record as an open. 

This will then meet the automation trigger and/or action criteria.

Coming in September – ActiveCampaign is adding in the ability to include or exclude Apple MPP opens via a toggle in reporting so you can decide how to track your own email open rates. 

Check out the FAQ guide on ActiveCampaign’s help site to learn more.