A purpose-built CRM allowing publishers to manage all revenue development out of a single platform

BlueLena CRM brings together the information you need for your ad sales, sponsorship and foundation support growth strategies. Instead of chasing down phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses or past activities, manage all of your contacts in a central platform. Automatically update contact details and view a lead’s history from the contact record. Or get a view of your entire sales pipeline. Need help with configuration? Let BlueLena’s Agency Service handle it all for you.

Keep track of opportunities and next steps with the fully-customizable Deals pipeline

Using BlueLena’s built-in CRM, you can create accounts for each opportunity and connect an unlimited number of contacts to the organization while also designating the “primary point of contact” to associate with a “deal” that is created in the sales, sponsorship or fundraising revenue pipeline.

Create Accounts to manage a record for the organizations you work with

With “Accounts” you’ll be able to store and track details in account fields, see all contacts associated with an organization, and create segments and personalized emails using account fields. The Accounts feature lets you create a record for each organization you work with, and these records can house information such as:

  • company name
  • account owner
  • mailing address
  • description
  • number of employees
  • annual revenue
  • industry/vertical
  • information collected in custom fields
  • contacts associated with the organization
  • notes
  • business website and deals.

Use the Deals feature built into BlueLena to manage opportunities for your organization

By creating a “Deal” associated with a Contact and Account, you can assign tasks to individual sales or business development associates, either manually or within the BlueLena automation library. Take notes directly within each Deal and Contact record, so that your whole sales and leadership team is on the same page. Attached proposals and contracts to the record. Connect with Calendly to track meetings and integrate with your work calendar. You can also automatically update Deal owners, Deal stages, Deals won or lost and Deal values – all within one elegant and simple user interface.

Create Contacts to manage your individual customer relationships

Each “Contact” created in the BlueLena platform is fully customizable with key contact information including email, phone, job title and other fields you may create without any limitations. Using field “Groupings” you can connect multiple sources of data to a single customer contact and build segments directly in the platform. The Contact record aggregates and organizations all the information you have collected about an individual. Unlike other CRM systems that have a limited number of fields, BlueLena’s platform may be customized as you see fit to support all of your individual contact data.

Build a complete view of customers using our optional data append services

Using our data append and wealth-screening services, you can enhance your customer contacts with demographics and lifestyle data that provides a deeper understanding of their interests and probability to become a financial supporter of your organization. Deepening your understanding of audiences and individual customers unlocks opportunities to drive monetization. Find the individuals who are most engaged with your content. Add scores to overall deals and contacts, and automatically segment your leads based on characteristics or actions they take with your site. Build scored models to distinguish between small dollar donors and those who have the potential to contribute more to your organization. All of this is available using predictive modeling and machine learning built-into BlueLena CRM.

Get full visibility on your CRM pipeline including on-demand sales and forecasting reports

Which opportunities should your sales team spend more time on? What does your organizations revenue look like in six months? Not every deal is going to close, so which opportunities should you prioritize? Using our Deal Reports you can stay up-to-date on open deals so nothing slips through the cracks. You can also use this to help forecasting revenue performance based on when you anticipate potential opportunities to convert to wins.

Optimize sales performance for the organization and individuals

Track the performance of individual members or your team and the overall sales funnels through our built-in sales performance reporting. You can also see how likely team members are to close each deal through our predictive modeling, allowing you to drive peak performance and directing your team to focus where it makes the most difference.

For the company on-the-go, you’ll be able to use the sales software from the convenience of your iOS device – mobile phone or table. Take it to meetings, schedule tasks and calls from outside the office and update opportunities in real-time wherever you happen to be.