A re-engagement campaign is a sequence of emails sent to inactive subscribers. The goal of a re-engagement email is to get people to interact with your emails. BlueLena has incorporated this as a best practice approach to reduce list churn, uphold engagement and protect your sender reputation to ensure the highest deliverability rating among leading ISPs.

It is not uncommon for email marketers and newsletter operators to churn nearly a quarter of your hard-earned subscribers every year. Not all of these lost customers result from unsubscribe actions or bounces. In fact, almost half of the attrition is because these readers simply stop interacting with you.

Reduced interaction and engagement can lead to diminishing sender reputation as determined by the leading ISPs (Apple, Google, Outlook, etc). This is why we recommend a continuous maintenance of your email list using automations to intervene whenever a customer demonstrates a lack of engagement over a period of time.

A re-engagement email series can win them back, and therefore one of the reasons BlueLena has incorporated this critical automation as a standard part of our solution offering.

The BlueLena re-engagement series is setup so that anyone who is tagged as inactive (as a result of inactivity) will be entered into the automation. When your engagement automations add the inactive tag to a contact in the list, the customer is automatically added to the start of this automation. 

The automation then checks all these contacts to make sure that the membership or donor status is blank, as a quality control measure to ensure we are not unintentionally removing members or donors (note: we have a separate program for them).

The automation sends them 2 emails over the course of 3 weeks, and if the contact opens either email or clicks any links inside their engagement status is updated from “inactive” to “active,” and they’ll be removed from the automation.

For BlueLena clients using the re-engagement series we see recapture rates ranging from 3-5%. For a publisher maintaining an email list of 25,000 that can be anywhere from 750 to 2,250 saved relationships. When considering the costs to acquire new email leads ranges from $1.50-5.00 it’s easy to see why this approach makes sense.

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