BlueLena CXA is the leading digital marketing automation platform built specifically for newsmedia organizations. Powered by ActiveCampaign, BlueLena CXA allows publishers to manage all of their reader and advertiser first party data in one platform, and execute all editorial, marketing, promotional and audience engagement campaigns out of one system.

Email is still the foundation of all engaging, impactful marketing strategies, and email backed by customer experience automation is proven to help publishers of all sizes be successful. Whether you’re looking to send daily editorial newsletters, marketing emails to generate new donors and members, alert readers to an upcoming event, or ask for feedback through audience surveys, a well executed email could mean the difference between more growth for your publication, or a negative customer experience. 

With ActiveCampaign’s new email designer, you’re able to build beautiful and engaging emails, while delivering a great experience for your audience. 

  • Drag-and-drop content or customize with HTML: You decide how you want to build your emails by easily switching between the classic drag and drop, or detailed lines of HTML.
  • Save your most used content: Save individual blocks or entire sections of content to reuse in other emails without starting from scratch each time. 
  • Generate excitement with a countdown timer: Working towards a special event or offering a flash sale? Include a timer block as a dynamic way to encourage customers to act fast.
  • Save time when you build with structures: Make email set up and editing a breeze with layouts and sections that are designed with you in mind. 

The new email designer is now available for BlueLena clients. If you’d like to schedule a training session, please contact us at or visit the link below to learn more.