Let’s talk subscription landing pages. You may have already seen this article in our #reading Slack channel, but if not, take a peak at The Fix’s analysis of top performing reader revenue subscription pages. 

A quick skim of the subscription page screenshots will show what all the top performing pages have in common: one to three highlighted offers, brief descriptions, and only links to subscription options — no linking to articles, benefits pages, etc. to distract the reader from the offer.

We referenced one of the featured publishers, The Guardian, in our recommended reading section last month, as an example of a news organization that has pivoted from focusing on print subscriptions to focusing in digital subscriptions. According to The Guardian, “online readers now contribute more money to the Guardian than readers of its UK print newspapers.” 

The link here to their subscription page is strong — they haven’t made significant changes to their subscription page for years. Their page, which features just one offer in monthly and annual options, is simple and bold, and still provides extra subscription information if the reader chooses to scroll down for more info.

Have you reviewed your subscription landing page recently? It’s a great time to evaluate the performance of your landing page and see where the page can be simplified — test narrowing the offer choices to just one, or try editing your offer descriptions to concise bullet points.

Take a look through the article, and let us know your thoughts! We’re always happy to review your subscription page design and messaging with you.